Services & Approaches

  • Organization Effectiveness Consulting
  • Cultural Competence Consulting and Training
  • Research and Evaluation


Areas of

  • Child Welfare
  • Education
  • Industry(sales, service, quality assurance)


Tools and

  • The Effective Communications Styles Inventory


Wanda Hackett Enterprises takes a three pronged approach to the delivery of services:

  1. a careful assessment to understand the major components affecting a system in order to determine root causes versus symptoms (a systems approach);
  2. involvement of the key stakeholders to ensure multiple perspectives are taken into account (a participatory approach);
  3. and facilitated dialogue as a key element of problem solving and organization design (continuous learning approach).


Organization Effectiveness Consulting

  • Large System Change Initiatives. Use of a structured framework to guide organizational efforts is generally the recommended approach. WHE provides consulting in large system change including organization design or restructuring; transitions to team based organizations; and comprehensive initiatives to ensure culturally competent professional service delivery. Beginning with a facilitated strategic planning process, organizations are assisted in identifying their vision, mission, overarching goals, leadership requirements and organization culture necessary to sustain the change. Organization assessments are then conducted to determine the current state and to assess any gap between current organization performance and the desired state. Action plans are then developed and implemented to close the gap and progress to goals monitored. WHE provides professional services supporting any step in the process including: organizational assessments, facilitation for the planning process, project management of the action plan implementation, and/or program evaluation of the results.
  • Team Development. WHE assists organizations in making the shift from an individual to a team based approach to work. We assist organizations in establishing teams (delineating team charters including vision, purpose, goals, roles and team norms). As well as improving team performance by providing training and consulting in conflict resolution, problem solving, meeting facilitation, work prioritization, etc.


Research and Evaluation

  • Organization Assessment. WHE has helped organizations to understand and map their professional practice models and determine their degree of cultural competence; identify the root causes of organization behavior leading to unmet goals.
  • Program Evaluation. WHE's evaluation practice is experimenting with a systemic, participatory and culturally competent approach to evaluation. Such evaluations are characterized by broad involvement of diverse stakeholders in the design of the evaluation approach including the identification of the important data collection domains, questions to be asked, data collection approach, and recommendations for presentation of findings.


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